Please read these Terms of Use carefully before continuing and accepting it.
3D Eagles is one of the best name in 3d model industry that operates the service “website” that allows authors of 3D models to share their works and sell them to customers who wish to buy access to 3D models via the Service.
This document is the official public offer addressed to an indefinite scope of persons for the purpose of entering into an agreement under the terms and conditions stipulated below. If You wish to create a Account, you need to read, understand and accept these Terms of Use for Customers. These Terms of Use create a legally binding agreement between Website and You. If You do not accept these Terms of Use, You shall refrain from using the Service.
By ticking the checkbox “I’ve read, understand and accept the Terms of Use for Customers” and creating a Account You agree as follows:


For the necessarity of this Agreement, the following definitions shall be used:

  • “Agreement” is the text of these Terms of Use for Customers with all its annexes, amendments and supplements available on: https://www.3deagles.com/
  • “Customer”, “You” is an individual who has reached the age of 18(eighteen) years wishing to create its own Account or has already created it in order to use the Service under this Agreement and was assigned “Сustomer” status pursuant to this Agreement.
  • “Registration” is the successful filling of the registration form by the Customer that enables to create Customer’s Account.
  • “Account” is the personal section of the Website to which the Customer gets access after registration and/or log in to the Website, that contains set of data relating to the Customer including its personal data and the internal information of the Service relating to the Сustomer that enables Customer to use the Service.Every customer is important to us as a god because he/she will be helping hand for our business.
  • “Website” is the website hosted in domain . The Website contains a database of 3D Models, textures, materials and scripts (hereinafter – the “Database”) available for Customers. A 3d Model (hereinafter – the “Model”) is a separate item of the Database and a copyright object.
  • “Service” (Services) is a set of Website’s features provided to the Customer by us upon its acceptance of the Agreement in order to providing best offers to Customer’s needs.
  • “Content” is Customers’ comments and other posts relating to the Website topics, including pictures taken by Customers and materials of other nature approved by the Website’s administrator which have been posted by Customers on the Website and are available for an unlimited number of the Website visitors.
  • The FREE category contains the Models that can be downloaded by each Customer for free, provided that the conditions hereunder for such downloading are met by the Customer.
  • The PRO category contains Models of higher quality and relevance that meet the requirements for PRO Models pursua


We provide the use of the Service to Customer, namely:

  • browsing, searching and viewing of the Products and information related to them;
  • viewing of the Content posted on the Website;
  • registration and/or log in to the Website;
  • posting and display on the Website of any Content including but not limited to, texts, hyperlinks, images, audio and video files, data and/or other information;
  • granting access to the products, obtaining licenses to use and provide you wth best products to use.
  • We improve and update the Service, add functionality to it.
  • The Customer agrees to use the Service under this Agreement.


  • By completing the Registration and ticking the checkbox “I’ve read, understand and accept the Terms of Use for Customers” the Customer acknowledges that it is fully aware of the provisions of this Agreement and accepts all of them in full without any exemptions or limitations whatsoever.
  • Acceptance of these Terms of Use for Customers is equivalent to the conclusion of a bilateral written Agreement between the Customer and Website.
  • This Agreement is valid for the duration of the Customer’s use of the Service.
  • The Customer is bound to accept provisions of the amended Agreement for further operation of it’s Account. The Customer has the right not to accept the amended Agreement after our notification of the Customer of a change made to the Agreement which will be followed by immediate deactivation of access to the Account.


  • It shall provide normal and uninterrupted operation of the Website and carry out its maintenance and updating in order to ensure the Сustomer’s access to the Service and its normal use.
  • It shall take all the necessary actions to ensure the privacy of the the Customers’ personal data .
  • We have the right to modify the Website, change its design, add new Services, stop providing Services in any way at our sole discretion without the Customer’s prior consent and also suspend access to the Website during the performance of such works.
  • We have the right to promote the Website and the Service, post advertising materials on any page of the Website including, but not limited to, contextual advertising, banners, online video, animation and advertising commercials.


  • This Agreement can be terminated wholly or partially by each Party unilaterally at any time. The Party that wishes to terminate the Agreement should notify the other Party via email. Therefore, the Agreement terminates only upon such notice.
  • The Customer will be entitled to a prorated refund of any fee paid for the remaining Subscription Period.
  • The termination of the Agreement results in suspension of our Services, as well as the access to downloading of the Models and revocation of the License.